Alicia Manjon Sanz


Alicia grew up in Madrid (Spain) and received her B.Sc. in Chemistry at the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid in 2008. She worked at the Institute of Catalysis and Petrochemistry ( for 2 years where she synthesized based aluminophophates as catalysts. She moved to the UK for her PhD studies in the Rosseinsky Group at the University of Liverpool and also spent half of her PhD in the Takata laboratory ( at the SPring-8 synchrotron where she studied the structure of bismuth based electroceramic perovskites using the MEM-Rietveld method.   

Alicia joined the group in 2015 and will work on the synthesis and characterization of new materials that could possibly replace PZT. She also will be performing detailed structural characterization of known high-performing piezoelectric materials at the morphotropic phase boundary (MPB) by using PDF analysis in order to gain a better understanding of the structure.

In her free time, Alicia likes travelling, swimming and discovering new places.



Graduate Students

Dylan Fast

Dylan joined the Dolgos group in 2013.  He is currently working with metal clusters in the search of new ferroelectric and multiferroic materials.  As an undergraduate, Dylan received his degree in physics with a minor in chemistry at the University of Oregon.

Dylan relishes the chance to explore new ideas and subjects, reflected in his wide range of experiences focusing on computer science, physics, optics and finally chemistry.  This passion for the unknown made for an excellent fit in the field of new materials discovery.

Dylan grew up near Seattle and is passionate about the Pacific Northwest.  In his free time he enjoys tinkering with computers, hiking and brewing beer.  Above all, Dylan wishes to continue exploring the world around him, both through the lens of academia and in his personal life.

Dylan Fast

Ryan McQuade

Ryan graduated from Rowan University with a B.S. in Chemistry in 2012 and joined the Dolgos Group in 2014.  His interest in structure-property relationships has lead him to study the synthesis of bulk ferroic materials and the local and long range characterization of these materials using techniques such as X-ray and neutron diffraction and PDF analysis.  Ryan is part of the chemistry department's softball team, The Alchemists, and is often seen htting Grand Slams.

Ryan McQuade

Wesley Surta

Wesley received his B.S. in Chemistry from Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado. He has since then been investigating the relationships between the structure of highly disordered materials and their dielectric properties as well as trying to further the current structural understanding of amorphous carbon by looking at its electrochemical properties. When he is not making samples, measuring their properties, diffracting neutrons off of them, or developing models to describe all of these experiments, he likes to climb up mountains and then ski down them.



Charles Culbertson


Charles graduated from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania in 2015 with a B.S. in Chemistry and joined the Dolgos Group in 2015. He is currently investigating the local properties of lead-free piezoelectric materials near their morphotropic phase boundary.

In his free time, Charles can be found playing ping pong, throwing a frisbee, running, biking, or playing board games with his friends.






Matthew Clark, Undergraduate Chemistry Major

Eric Qian, Undergraduate Chemistry Major


Group Alumni

Caitlin Berger, Undergraduate Mathematics Major

Vanesa de la Puenta, B.S. in Chemistry, now at BAS Research

Lindsay Michaud, Undergraduate Chemistry Major 

Jonathon Lopez, Undergraduate Chemical Engineering Major 

Sam Fusick, Undergraduate Chemical Engineering Major